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Lichens Index 2:
Calicium to Circinaria

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Each name links to a page displaying 1 to 35 images. Most of the lichens in the photos are well-identified from voucher specimens, but I have included some whose identity is uncertain; almost all of these are also backed up by voucher specimens. Where something is identified only to a species "group", or is cfr. or sensu lato, I have placed it on the page with that species.

Calicium abietinum
Calicium glaucellum
Calicium lucidum
Calicium pinicola
Calicium tigillare
Calicium trabinellum
Calicium viride

Calogaya biatorina
Calogaya decipiens

Calopadia fusca
Calopadia subcoerulescens ? (name not listed in N. American checklist)

Caloplaca ahtii
Caloplaca ammiospila cfr. (see Blastenia ammiospila cfr.)
Caloplaca arenaria (see Rufoplaca arenaria)
Caloplaca arizonica (see Gyalolechia epiphyta)
Caloplaca biatorina (see Calogaya biatorina)
Caloplaca bolacina (see Polycauliona bolacina)
Caloplaca brattiae (see Polycauliona brattiae)
Caloplaca brattiae with C. rosei (see Polycauliona brattiae & P. rosei)
Caloplaca cerina
Caloplaca chrysophthalma (see Solitaria chrysophthalma)
Caloplaca cinnabarina
Caloplaca citrina (see Flavoplaca citrina)
Caloplaca coralloides (see Polycauliona coralloides)
Caloplaca crenulatella (see Xanthocarpia crenulatella)
Caloplaca crenulatella group (see Xanthocarpia crenulatella group)
Caloplaca decipiens (see Calogaya decipiens)
Caloplaca demissa
Caloplaca diphyodes
Caloplaca discolor (see Gyalolechia xanthostigmoidea)
Caloplaca epiphora
Caloplaca epithallina
Caloplaca feracissima (see Xanthocarpia feracissima)
Caloplaca flavogranulosa (see Polycauliona flavogranulosa)
Caloplaca flavorubescens (see Gyalolechia flavorubescens)
Caloplaca flavovirescens (see Gyalolechia flavovirescens)
Caloplaca galactophyla (group) (see Squamulea galactophyla group)
Caloplaca holocarpa (see Athallia holocarpa)
Caloplaca ignea (see Polycauliona ignea)
Caloplaca impolita (see Polycauliona impolita)
Caloplaca inconspecta (see Polycauliona inconspecta)
Caloplaca jungermanniae (see Bryoplaca jungermanniae)
Caloplaca litoricola
Caloplaca ludificans (see Polycauliona ludificans)
Caloplaca luteominia (see Polycauliona luteominia)
Caloplaca marina (see Flavoplaca marina)
Caloplaca microphyllina
Caloplaca obliterans (see Leproplaca obliterans)
Caloplaca pelodella
Caloplaca pyracea (see Athallia pyracea)
Caloplaca rosei (see Polycauliona rosei)
Caloplaca saxicola
Caloplaca stantonii (see Gyalolechia stantonii)
Caloplaca stipitata (see Gyalolechia stipitata)
Caloplaca subsoluta (see Squamulea subsoluta)
Caloplaca tominii (see Xanthocarpia tominii)
Caloplaca trachyphylla (see Xanthomendoza trachyphylla)
Caloplaca verruculifera (see Polycauliona verruculifera)
Caloplaca (In the old sense) -unidentified species, part 1
Caloplaca (In the old sense) -unidentified species, part 2

Calvitimela aglaea
Calvitimela armeniaca

Calvitimela talayana

Candelaria concolor
Candelaria fibrosa
Candelaria pacifica



calicium lucidum thumbnail graphic
Calicium lucidum









caloplaca saxicola thumbnail graphic
Caloplaca saxicola









circinaria hispida thumbnail graphic
Circinaria hispida

Candelariella aurella
Candelariella citrina
Candelariella efflorescens
Candelariella placodizans
Candelariella reflexa (misidentification for North America)
Candelariella rosulans
Candelariella spraguei
Candelariella vitellina
Candelariella xanthostigma
Candelariella (unidentified species)

Candelina mexicana
Candelina submexicana

Canoparmelia caroliniana
Canoparmelia texana

Carbonicola anthracophila

Catillaria lenticularis
Catillaria nigroclavata

Catinaria atropurpurea

Cavernularia hultenii (see Hypogymnia hultenii)
Cavernularia lophyrea (see Hypogymnia lophyrea)

Cetradonia linearis





candelariella thumbnail graphic
Candelariella rosulans cfr.

Cetraria aculeata
Cetraria arenaria
Cetraria ericetorum
Cetraria islandica
Cetraria laevigata
Cetraria muricata
Cetraria nigricans

Cetrariella commixta
Cetrariella delisei

Cetrelia cetrarioides
Cetrelia chicitae
Cetrelia olivetorum

cetraria thumbnail graphic
Cetraria laevigata

Chaenotheca brunneola
Chaenotheca chrysocephala
Chaenotheca furfuracea
Chaenotheca trichialis
Chaenotheca (unidentified species)

Chaenothecopsis sp.

Chiodecton montagnaei

Chrysothrix caesia
Chrysothrix candelaris
Chrysothrix granulosa
Chrysothrix xanthina

Circinaria arida
Circinaria caesiocinerea
Circinaria contorta
Circinaria elmorei (see Circinaria arida)
Circinaria hispida

chaenotheca thumbnail graphic
Chaenotheca furfuracea

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