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Lichens Index 7:
Lecidea to Megaspora

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Each name links to a page displaying 1 to 35 images. Most of the lichens in the photos are well-identified from voucher specimens, but I have included some whose identity is uncertain; almost all of these are also backed up by voucher specimens. Where something is identified only to a species "group", or is cfr. or sensu lato, I have placed it on the page with that species.

Lecidea arcuatula (see Fuscidea recensa)
Lecidea atrobrunnea
Lecidea auriculata
Lecidea brodoana
Lecidea brunneofusca cfr.
Lecidea cinerata cfr.
Lecidea confluens
Lecidea fuscoatra
Lecidea laboriosa
Lecidea lactea
Lecidea lapicida
Lecidea plana
Lecidea protabacina cfr.
Lecidea tessellata
Lecidea varians
Lecidea (unidentified species)

Lecidella asema
Lecidella carpathica
Lecidella euphorea cfr.
Lecidella laureri
Lecidella stigmatea
Lecidella (unidentified species)

Lecidoma demissum

Leimonis erratica?

Leioderma sorediatum

Leiorreuma sericeum

Lepra amara
Lepra dactylina
Lepra floridana
Lepra multipunctoides
Lepra ophthalmiza
Lepra panyrga
Lepra pustulata

Lepra trachythallina

Lepraria cacuminum (see Lepraria neglecta)
Lepraria caesioalba (see Lepraria neglecta)
Lepraria diffusa
Lepraria elobata
Lepraria finkii
Lepraria incana cfr. (misidentification for North America)
Lepraria gracilescens
Lepraria lobificans (see Lepraria finkii)
Lepraria membranacea (see Lepraria normandinioides)
Lepraria neglecta
Lepraria normandinioides

Lepraria oxybapha
Lepraria pacifica
Lepraria subalbicans
Lepraria vouauxii
Lepraria xerophila
Lepraria (unidentified species)


lecidea thumbnail graphic
Lecidea lapicida






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Lepraria sp. (formerly labeled L. membranacea)






lepra trachythallina thumbnail graphic
Lepra trachythallina

Leprocaulon americanum (formerly L. microscopicum)
Leprocaulon gracilescens (see Lepraria gracilescens)
Leprocaulon subalbicans
(see Lepraria subalbicans)

Leproplaca cirrochroa

Leptochidium albociliatum

Leptogidium contortum
Leptogidium dendriscum cfr.

Leptogium arsenei
Leptogium austroamericanum
Leptogium azureum
Leptogium brebissonii
Leptogium californicum (see Scytinium californicum)
Leptogium chloromelum
Leptogium corticola
Leptogium cyanescens
Leptogium denticulatum ("misidentification for North America
denticulatum sensu Sierk (1964) = L. joergensenii)
Leptogium gelatinosum (see Scytinium gelatinosum)
Leptogium lichenoides (see Scytinium lichenoides)
Leptogium marginellum
Leptogium milligranum
Leptogium palmatum (see Scytinium palmatum)
Leptogium phyllocarpum
Leptogium platynum (see Scytinium platynum)
Leptogium polycarpum (see Scytinium polycarpum)
Leptogium pseudofurfuraceum
Leptogium rivale (see Scytinium rivale)
Leptogium rugosum
Leptogium saturninum
Leptogium siskiyouensis (see Scytinium siskiyouensis)
Leptogium subaridum (see Scytinium subaridum)
Leptogium tenuissimum (see Scytinium tenuissimum)
Leptogium or Scytinium (unidentified species)

Letharia columbiana
Letharia vulpina
Letharia (unidentified species)

Letrouitia domingensis ?
Letrouitia parabola

Letrouitia vulpina


leptogium thumbnail graphic
Leptogium corticola






letharia thumbnail graphic
Letharia columbiana

Leucodecton subcompactum

Lichenomphalia umbellifera
Lichenomphalia (unidentified species)

Lichenothelia scopularia

Lichinella cribellifera
Lichinella nigritella
Lichinella robustoides
Lichinella stipulata
Lichinella (unidentified species)

Lignoscripta atroalba

Lithographa tesserata

Lobaria anomala
Lobaria anthraspis
Lobaria anthraspis with Lobaria anomala
Lobaria hallii

Lobaria linita
Lobaria oregana
Lobaria pulmonaria
Lobaria quercizans
Lobaria ravenelii
Lobaria retigera
Lobaria scrobiculata
Lobaria sylvae-veteris
Lobaria tenuis

Lobothallia alphoplaca
Lobothallia praeradiosa
Lobothallia radiosa

Lopadium disciforme

Loxospora cismonica
Loxospora elatina
Loxospora ochrophaea
Loxospora pustulata (see Lepra pustulata)

Loxosporopsis corallifera

Malmidea vinosa

Masonhalea richardsonii

Massalongia carnosa

Megalaria columbiana
Megalaria grossa
Megalaria laurerei

Megalospora tuberculosa

Megaspora verrucosa

lichenomphalia thumbnail graphic
Lichenomphalia sp.





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Lobaria oregana





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Loxospora ochrophaea

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