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Lichens Index 9:
Pachnolepia to Peltigera

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Each name links to a page displaying 1 to 35 images. Most of the lichens in the photos are well-identified from voucher specimens, but I have included some whose identity is uncertain; almost all of these are also backed up by voucher specimens. Where something is identified only to a species "group", or is cfr. or sensu lato, I have placed it on the page with that species.

Pachnolepia pruinata

Pachypeltis cladodes

Pannaria conoplea
Pannaria lurida
Pannaria rubiginosa
Pannaria tavaresii
Pannaria (unidentified species)

Parmelia barrenoae
Parmelia fraudens

Parmelia hygrophila
Parmelia "laevosulcata" ns
Parmelia neodiscordans
Parmelia omphalodes
Parmelia pseudosulcata
Parmelia saxatilis
Parmelia skultii
Parmelia squarrosa
Parmelia sulcata

Parmeliella appalachensis
Parmeliella triptophylla

Parmeliella (unidentified species)

Parmelina coleae

Parmelinopsis cryptochlora (see Hypotrachyna cryptochlora)
Parmelinopsis horrescens (see Hypotrachyna horrescens)
Parmelinopsis minarum (see Hypotrachyna minarum)
Parmelinopsis spumosa (see Hypotrachyna spumosa)

Parmeliopsis ambigua
Parmeliopsis hyperopta
Parmeliopsis ambigua and P. hyperopta
Parmeliopsis subambigua

Parmotrema arnoldii
Parmotrema austrosinense
Parmotrema cetratum
Parmotrema crinitum
Parmotrema cristiferum
Parmotrema dilatatum
Parmotrema endosulphureum
Parmotrema gardneri
Parmotrema hypoleucinum
Parmotrema hypotropum
Parmotrema madagascariaceum (see Parmotrema xanthinum)
Parmotrema margaritatum
Parmotrema perforatum
Parmotrema perlatum
Parmotrema praesorediosum
Parmotrema rampoddense
Parmotrema reticulatum
Parmotrema rigidum (N. American records are Parmotrema subrigidum)
Parmotrema rubifaciens
Parmotrema simulans
Parmotrema stuppeum
Parmotrema subisidiosum
Parmotrema submarginale
Parmotrema subrigidum
Parmotrema subtinctorium
Parmotrema sulphuratum
Parmotrema tinctorum
Parmotrema ultralucens
Parmotrema xanthinum
Parmotrema (unidentified species)

Peltigera aphthosa

Peltigera aphthosa and Peltigera malacea
Peltigera britannica
Peltigera canina
Peltigera chionophila
Peltigera cinamomea
Peltigera collina
Peltigera degenii
Peltigera didactyla
Peltigera elizabethae
Peltigera evansiana
Peltigera gowardii
Peltigera horizontalis
Peltigera kristinssonii
Peltigera latiloba
Peltigera lepidophora
Peltigera leucophlebia
Peltigera malacea
Peltigera membranacea
Peltigera neckeri
Peltigera neopolydactyla
Peltigera pacifica
Peltigera polydactylon
Peltigera ponojensis
Peltigera praetextata
Peltigera rufescens
Peltigera scabrosa
Peltigera venosa
Peltigera (unidentified species)


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Parmelia sulcata






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Parmeliopsis ambigua






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Parmotrema hypotropum







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Peltigera aphthosa






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Peltigera venosa

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