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Lichens Index 12:
Psilolechia to Rhizocarpon

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Each name links to a page displaying 1 to 35 images. Most of the lichens in the photos are well-identified from voucher specimens, but I have included some whose identity is uncertain; almost all of these are also backed up by voucher specimens. Where something is identified only to a species "group", or is cfr. or sensu lato, I have placed it on the page with that species.

Psilolechia lucida

Psora californica
Psora cerebriformis
Psora crenata
Psora decipiens
Psora globifera
Psora himalayana
Psora hyporubescens cfr.
Psora icterica
Psora montana
Psora nipponica
Psora pacifica
Psora pseudorussellii
Psora tuckermanii
Psora (unidentified species)

Psoroma hypnorum

Psorula rufonigra

Punctelia appalachensis
Punctelia bolliana
Punctelia caseana
Punctelia graminicola
Punctelia hypoleucites
Punctelia jeckeri
Punctelia perreticulata
Punctelia rudecta
Punctelia stictica
Punctelia subpraesignis
Punctelia subrudecta (for eastern species see Punctelia caseana and for western species see Punctelia jeckeri)
Punctelia (unidentified species)

Pycnothelia papillaria

Pyrenopsis polycocca

Pyrenopsis (unidentified species)

Pyrenula anomala
Pyrenula balia
Pyrenula confoederata

Pyrenula cruenta
Pyrenula leucostoma
Pyrenula microcarpa
Pyrenula occidentalis
Pyrenula ochraceoflava
Pyrenula ochraceoflavens
Pyrenula pseudobufonia
Pyrenula punctella
Pyrenula santensis (see Pyrenula balia)

Pyrrhospora quernea

Pyrrhospora varians (see Lecidea varians)

Pyxine berteriana
Pyxine caesiopruinosa
Pyxine cocoes
Pyxine eschweileri
Pyxine sorediata
Pyxine subcinerea

Racodium rupestre



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Psora crenata






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Pycnothelia papillaria







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Pyxine cocoes

Ramalina americana
Ramalina bajacalifornica (name is not in N. American Checklist; not found north of Mexico?)
Ramalina canariensis
Ramalina celastri
Ramalina complanata
Ramalina culbersonianum
Ramalina dilacerata
Ramalina farinacea
Ramalina intermedia
Ramalina labiosorediata
Ramalina leptocarpha
Ramalina menziesii
Ramalina montagnei
Ramalina obtusata
Ramalina paludosa
Ramalina peruviana
Ramalina pollinaria (see Ramalina labiosorediata)
Ramalina roesleri
Ramalina sinensis
Ramalina stenospora
Ramalina subleptocarpha
Ramalina thrausta
Ramalina willeyi
Ramalina (unidentified species)

Ramboldia gowardiana
Ramboldia russula

Rhabdodiscus granulosus

Rhizocarpon atroflavescens
Rhizocarpon badioatrum

Rhizocarpon bolanderi

Rhizocarpon caesium
Rhizocarpon chionium
Rhizocarpon cinereovirens
Rhizocarpon cookeanum
Rhizocarpon disporum
Rhizocarpon geminatum
Rhizocarpon geographicum
Rhizocarpon grande
Rhizocarpon hochstetteri
Rhizocarpon infernulum
Rhizocarpon lavatum
Rhizocarpon lecanorinum
Rhizocarpon macrosporum
Rhizocarpon obscuratum (N. American Checklist says, "misidentification for North America; mostly R. lavatum/R. reductum" see Rhizocarpon images 7-10 in Rhizocarpon (unidentified other species))
Rhizocarpon oederi
Rhizocarpon petraeum
Rhizocarpon riparium
Rhizocarpon sublavatum (not in current North American Checklist)
Rhizocarpon (unidentified "geographicum group" species)
Rhizocarpon (unidentified other species)

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Pyrenula cruenta






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Ramalina celastri





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Rhizocarpon macrosporum

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